Thursday, 14 October 2010


While groceries shopping my eye fell on the beautiful packaging of this chocolate. It's called Ananda. Find the website here. Here's the pictures of the three flavours I bought. Pretty!
Besides pretty packaging it's also very tasty chocolate. Yes, I tasted it right away. Hey, I couldn't write about it and not tell you what it tastes like? That wouldn't make sense ;)
I tasted Coffee break, a dark chocolate with coffee beans, Pure Extase, premium dark chocolate and Blissful Banana, with chewy banana, which is my favourite so far. BUT, they have two more flavours! Bye Bye Sugar and Mentally Mint, yet to be tasted by me, I'm thinking soon.
So, here's what else is really cool about this chocolate:
It is entirely made in Ecuador.
It's organic.
The box is made from paper from responsibly managed forests and vegetable-based ink.
The foil it's wrapped in is biodegradable.
Ananda chocolate is a product of Amigos International whose mission is: '
Developing rural areas in developing countries by offering ecologically and socially responsible, 100% processed products from these areas to local, regional and international (EU) markets.'

Well, what can I say. These people seem to be doing like everything right!


Florcita said...

Look at that... Im interested. Im wondering where I can get those down here in Limburg...

pinipiru said...

Ah...this sounds very interesting!
I'm already a big fan of Tony Chocolonely for starting the whole change on slavery! But these guys go even further:)
My sister is working on Gender issues especially in coffee and cocoa and one of the bad things in that area is the woman doing all the work basically, but the land and everything else are all in the husband/man's name, so they receive the money.... and a lot of time spend it on booze..
A realy unfair situation that excists in the fair trade as well.
I'll show her this chocolate brand! Good things are happening:))

ZenzPhotography said...

Never seen before...does it taste good?