Friday, 20 November 2009

Secret Santa has arrived!

Some members of the European Streetteam on Etsy are playing the Secret Santa game, hosted by Mitsy from Artmind, chief Secret Santa.
Everyone who takes part in this game will make one or more gifts for someone else. The person you are making a gift for doesn't know that it's you who's making the gift, that is the secret part of the game. In order to know more about the person you're making a gift for, we all had to fill out a questionaire. The only one who knows all the secrets is Mitsy, she blogs about this regularly. 
Anyway, yesterday a package was delivered at my house. I was really excited. And curious of course. I figured it was my secret santa package, because I didn't order anything on Etsy this week.

 I decided to open it right away.

My goodness, my secret santa, Maartje aka Mamutopia spoiled me! I was so happy with all the gorgeous little presents. I felt like a child in a candystore.

Thank you Maartje for the lovely presents and a big thank you to Mitsy for organising this lovely game.