Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Visiting Utrecht, meeting friends

Last Saturday I visited Utrecht. I met up with some members of the Dutch Handmade blog. This blog promotes Dutch Etsyshops and their owners. I contribute to this blog by interviewing members. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of this meeting. That's not the only thing that didn't go as planned. We agreed to be there at 2 and I tried to make it in time, but the traffic was terrible, I don't know Utrecht very well and sort of got lost. Well, to make a long story short, I was late. 
But it was great fun to meet up with PlanetFur, Mamutopia, ZsBcreations, GreenEnvydesigns, Handmade Handsome, Pinipiru, MissMinoes, BisouVanRianne and KittyKilian, who is not a seller on Etsy. Off course all of these shopowners have normal names, but I don't remember all of them, sorry guys! 

After the meeting I met up with one of my dearest friend, who I have known almost our lifetime. We usually catch up while drinking tea or having lovely dinners or both, because we always have a lot to talk about. I always look forward to this.

We had dinner together last Saturday in a great restaurant, but before we did, we went for a stroll through the old historic part of Utrecht and that's when I remembered I took my camera.


matchstickgirl said...

beautiful the canals in Holland ...i love them !!!!

ingermaaike said...

Meeting friends from the net is so exciting and a little scary too...great you had a fun time :-D

Star of the East said...

sounds like a great day!

ArtMind said...

Wow, wish I lived a tad bit closer! Would have loved to chat over tea! :)

Planet Fur said...

Beautiful picture and so nice to finally meet up in person! Het was misschien kort, maar ik vind het top dat je die reis er voor over had :-)