Sunday, 28 February 2010

Seven facts

Marlous from PlanetFur nominated me for the beautiful blogger award. Thank you, Marlous, for the nomination and your kind words about me. I look forward to meeting you in March!
Part of this nomination is thanking the person who nominated you, which I just did AND come up with seven facts about yourself. Ahum!

1. I've read the Harry Potter series at least eight times. 
2. I bike to work every day, well on the days I work at the office anyway. It's a 9km ride.
3. My boyfriend wants a cat, but I have an allergy.
4. I'm a kind person (don't tell other people). I believe in love. I know!
5. I'm not good at getting up in the morning. Which means I'm always late for work. 
6. I love to travel and have been to Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Cuba, Cabo Verde, China,     Tibet, Lao, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. And I hope to do more travelling with my boyfriend in     the near future.
7. I challenge you to tell me what you think is one of my worst characteristics.

I'm supposed to now nominate seven more blogs, but I won't. If you feel like sharing 7 facts about yourself, please do. Consider yourself nominated :)


Rebecca said...

Congratulations on the award... and I like the 7 Facts idea. I'm a big Harry Potter fan too... but I've only read the series 4 times.

Planet Fur said...

Ik zie wel wat parallellen! (Vooral dat over het vroeg opstaan..hihi).

Kreativlink said...

I liked reading Harry Potter. But well, once was enough! Who knows... maybe in some years ... :)